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Monkey see, monkey do!

Kaylee’s favorite non-parent in the universe is Nana, my 90 year old grandma. She see Nana dance, she dances. Nana flips the channel, Kaylee wants the remote. Nana brushes her hair, Kaylee brushes hers (we even keep Kaylee’s brush in Nana’s room!).

Nana scrubs the toilet, guess what Kaylee tries to do! Today we heard Mom scream and we went running in. Sure enough, Kaylee was scrubbing the toilet with Mom’s USC umbrella!

Sigh, they were right. Monkey see, monkey do.


Unique recycled toys!

Kaylee is lately obsessed with DVD cases LOL She takes the discs out, lays them next to her, then proceeds to take out the cover art. We’re lucky she hasn’t ruined any discs!

We tried to think of an alternative, tried to distract her with CD cases, no luck. Then I remembered Lisa at the LB Depot For Creative Reuse had DVD cases! So I stopped by today and bought two for her. I got home, gave them to Kaylee, and she was in HEAVEN! Toddler playtime heaven!

When you’re a mom of 3, you gotta get creative 🙂


Summer Fun!

Southern Californians know the past couple of days have been muggy, hot, and yes even rainy! But that didn’t stop any of us from having fun!

Michael and Kaylee went next door to play in our neighbor’s wading pool. It wasn’t her first time in a wading pool, but it was the first time since she’s been walking around. The kids had a fabulous time just splashing around being silly.



THEN we heard about the rain and storms coming! So Ryan had to get up on the roof and check the tarp to make sure there were no leaks or anything. He once again decided to spend time up there LOL So Michael decided to toss some rations up to him!





And the rain continued. Big fat drops this morning on my car!


Learning to love

I watched “Nights In Rodanthe” just now. I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ve read the book more times than I know.

For me, it’s a powerful lesson for any age. Learning to love again after any type of loss is so difficult. I’ve lost many people in my life, and each time I had to learn how to love again, how to let others in, how to be ok with letting go.

In the book, it’s the relationship with the another person that teaches the main characters how to love and, most importantly, how to heal.

For me, it was each child that helped me love again. My grandfather (almost father) passed away in November 2000. In June 2001, I found out I was pregnant and in February 02 my first son was born. I learned that it was ok to love again. I was so scared to open myself up. I was so afraid I’d lose Michael. But he’s become one of my best friends 🙂

When Kaylee was born November 08, she healed my heart a bit more. And she also healed Ryan. He’d lost his grandfather that September. Kaylee came at a time when he needed healing.

Robert was born in January ’10, after a 7 month separation between me and Ryan. That little guy healed both of us and our relationship. He helped us realize that things were ok. We were ok. We could be together, and we could save our marriage.

Sometimes, your heart can be healed by people you least expect. You just have to keep yourself open.

Mikk’s Kid Krusaders now supporting Soldier’s Angels!

A few days ago, I posted about how Michael chose supporting the troops and Bears On Patrol. Today I signed our family up for Soldier’s Angels.

Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and their families. Founded by the mother of two American soldiers, its hundreds of thousands of Angel volunteers assist veterans, wounded and deployed personnel and their families unique and effective ways.

We’ve already received our soldier. Tomorrow I plan on going shopping for a few care package items.

This is very exciting. This is another step in the evolution of Mikk’s Kid Krusaders. This is a big deal, and it makes me even more grateful for my amazing family and my amazing little guy with a huge heart.

Kids Will Be Kids!

My boss gave me Monday off, so I was able to spend a nice relaxing day with my family. It was extra special since it was Michael’s last day with us before he went back to his dad’s (don’t worry, he’ll be back on the 12th!). We did a bit of shopping, alot of eating, and Ryan and Michael had Water Wars! Ryan comes in at one point and says “That’s so your kid. He shot me in the butt!” LOL It was a fabulous end to the holiday weekend.