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Today’s @CreativeReuse Finds!

More goodies @ LB Depot For Creative Reuse today!

Got Lamali Lokta paper notebooks.

“For centuries, the people of Nepal and Tibet have inscribed their legal, historical and religious texts on this very same paper.

…..Made from the lokta plant, an unassuming shrub with the ability to regenerate every six years, lokta paper is still produced using time-honored methods passed down from generation to generation.

…..Every step in the production process is done by hand: from the harvesting of the long, sturdy fibers to the careful binding of every journal. Each resulting item is a piece of art, combining elegant design with a rustic yet soft look and feel.”

image image

I also got a new journal. Very Indian inspired. Gold, elephants, etc. Gorgeous.


Lastly I picked up an order from Merry Blues Art. Two upcycled notebooks 🙂 I do love The Depot!



Summer Fun!

Southern Californians know the past couple of days have been muggy, hot, and yes even rainy! But that didn’t stop any of us from having fun!

Michael and Kaylee went next door to play in our neighbor’s wading pool. It wasn’t her first time in a wading pool, but it was the first time since she’s been walking around. The kids had a fabulous time just splashing around being silly.



THEN we heard about the rain and storms coming! So Ryan had to get up on the roof and check the tarp to make sure there were no leaks or anything. He once again decided to spend time up there LOL So Michael decided to toss some rations up to him!





And the rain continued. Big fat drops this morning on my car!


Learning to love

I watched “Nights In Rodanthe” just now. I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ve read the book more times than I know.

For me, it’s a powerful lesson for any age. Learning to love again after any type of loss is so difficult. I’ve lost many people in my life, and each time I had to learn how to love again, how to let others in, how to be ok with letting go.

In the book, it’s the relationship with the another person that teaches the main characters how to love and, most importantly, how to heal.

For me, it was each child that helped me love again. My grandfather (almost father) passed away in November 2000. In June 2001, I found out I was pregnant and in February 02 my first son was born. I learned that it was ok to love again. I was so scared to open myself up. I was so afraid I’d lose Michael. But he’s become one of my best friends 🙂

When Kaylee was born November 08, she healed my heart a bit more. And she also healed Ryan. He’d lost his grandfather that September. Kaylee came at a time when he needed healing.

Robert was born in January ’10, after a 7 month separation between me and Ryan. That little guy healed both of us and our relationship. He helped us realize that things were ok. We were ok. We could be together, and we could save our marriage.

Sometimes, your heart can be healed by people you least expect. You just have to keep yourself open.

Teddy Bear Picnic @ Paint The Park Pink!

July 10 was just a fantabulous joining of things I love! First I had to work, then my boss let me go early to get to the Acres Of Books fundraiser. I met my best friend at the OC Flyers Paint The Park Pink game, a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Hospital. AND it was Teddy Bear Picnic Day, sponsored by Bears On Patrol.

So I took a few of my furry friends with me to the game! I took Pink-Beary of course 🙂 I also took Dancing Bear, who was a staple at the LB Armada games.

It was such a fun event, and hopefully they schedule more days soon! LOL

image image



#LongBeach Says Goodbye To Acres Of Books

Most Long Beach residents are familiar with Acres Of Books. It moved here from Ohio in 1934 and was designated a historic landmark in 1960. It closed in 2008, and many many people were saddened by it.

On July 10, they opened their doors for a few hours. Vintage crates were sold for $25 each, and we were able to fill them. It was totally a treasure hunt! Things weren’t too organized, so. We were wandering around the store, just absolutely in awe of the history. Others were running around. Everyone felt like kids.

Very soon, the building will be converted to the new ArtExchange center.




image image

@briannesbasics NEW logo!

Brianne’s Basics now has a new logo. I wanted something cute, fun, and angelic. I’m big on angels. I fully believe that we all have guardian angels, guiding us to where we need to be and what we need to do.

So I chose this logo. It’s everything I wanted, and every time I look at it, I smile. That counts for something!

EXCITING #blog developments!

We now have a blog button. How cool is that?! So if you’d like to link back to our blog, go for it! Just leave a comment, grab the graphic, & link it back here to https://heatherinsocal.wordpress.com

Thanks for the support!