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Just wanted to let you guys know…


Since I’ve been really interested in the whole “misadventures” concept, I really wanted to stick with that. So PLEASE update your links! We’re now at:


THANK YOU for your continued support and see you on my new blog!


PHOTOS: Oh my Patchwork!

I’m now in love with Patchwork Festival. I have never been so inspired in my life! Fantastic arts and crafts fair! I can’t wait for the next one. I’m definitely applying to be a vendor 🙂

Yes I did some shopping. Of course! I bought a gift for Tracy and Matt, a wedding ring cookie to get me in the spirit, a hairpin to complete my outfit, etc. I loved it! (Click on each picture to go to the vendor’s website!)

PHOTOS: Laguna Beach & French 75

I couldn’t resist taking a few artsy shots throughout the day. It was SUCH a beautiful place!

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PHOTOS: Tracy and Matt’s #wedding reception

The reception took place at French 75. Oh my heavens, it’s a fabulous restaurant! The entire staff is pleasant and professional. The atmosphere of the restaurant transports you back to the 1940s. Pictures of Marilyn Monroe, the Rat Pack, etc., line the walls. I recommend it to everyone!

We had a four course meal, delicious! My favorite for some odd reason was the goat cheese on baguettes. Ohmigoodness. I stole Ryan’s 🙂

The atmosphere of the reception was joyous and friendly. It was the perfect end to a perfect wedding. Congrats to two of the best people I know 🙂

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My #charity photography dilemma

So here’s my dilemma.

I’d really love to get a photo/headshot done for my charity promotional material. Nothing too fancy, even just a nice, cute photo in a park.

I work for a wedding officiant. Most of you know that 🙂 So thankfully I have lots of contacts. However, I don’t have lots of inexpensive contacts. Pretty much every contact I have charges $500+. One local photographer is doing a special, but for me to be able to use the picture online & such it would cost an additional $250 per image.

So that’s the dilemma. For those of you involved in charity work, who do use headshots or photos on your websites. Did you pay out of pocket the $300-1000 fee to have a nice shot? Did you have a friend just take a cute photo? Did someone donate a headshot to you?

I have no qualms about paying a small fee, but anything over $100 just seems so much. I’m the only one working, so even $100 is a huge extravaaence. But I know I need a good shot. ARGH! What to do…

I do have one contact whom I know from the Long Beach Armada, Lana from Caught In The Moment Photography. She very generously offered me a complimentary headshot. So I’m making an appointment with her for this weekend, hopefully.

Thoughts? Comments? I need guidance, my friends.

*NEW* Goodies Coming to Brianne’s Basics!

We have a few items being posted on Brianne’s Basics & our Etsy store, Celebrate Recovery.

First up, a Breast Cancer Support Pack! You’ll receive 5 breast cancer support stickers, a sheet of Pink stickers, a pink wristband, & either a pink ribbon rhinestone charm OR a pink ribbon charm pin in this adorable goody bag. All for only $3!

Green beaded earrings: $2

Vintage patches: $1 each (Raggedy Andy, Wimpy from Popeye, heart & arrow, or Betty from Archie Comics)

Goody bags! We have a big announcement coming on those!

Photo: Believe It

Found this poster on a wall in Hollywood. It’s Morgan Freeman from “Bruce Almighty”. I found it comical & profound all at once LOL