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Summer Fun!

Southern Californians know the past couple of days have been muggy, hot, and yes even rainy! But that didn’t stop any of us from having fun!

Michael and Kaylee went next door to play in our neighbor’s wading pool. It wasn’t her first time in a wading pool, but it was the first time since she’s been walking around. The kids had a fabulous time just splashing around being silly.



THEN we heard about the rain and storms coming! So Ryan had to get up on the roof and check the tarp to make sure there were no leaks or anything. He once again decided to spend time up there LOL So Michael decided to toss some rations up to him!





And the rain continued. Big fat drops this morning on my car!



#LongBeach Says Goodbye To Acres Of Books

Most Long Beach residents are familiar with Acres Of Books. It moved here from Ohio in 1934 and was designated a historic landmark in 1960. It closed in 2008, and many many people were saddened by it.

On July 10, they opened their doors for a few hours. Vintage crates were sold for $25 each, and we were able to fill them. It was totally a treasure hunt! Things weren’t too organized, so. We were wandering around the store, just absolutely in awe of the history. Others were running around. Everyone felt like kids.

Very soon, the building will be converted to the new ArtExchange center.




image image

Help my boss out!

My boss is entered into the “Downtown iPhone App Photo Contest”! He’s currently a finalist!

“The 10 finalists will have their photos displayed at  the Summer And Music (SAM) Battle of the Tribute Bands
event on Sunday, July 11 from Noon-5PM at the Waterfront Band Shell (in Pine Avenue Circle between Gladstone’s and P.F. Chang’s).

Come out and vote for your favorite shot of Downtown – the winning photographer will receive a new Apple iPad!  Then, stick around as six of the best tribute bands around battle it out all afternoon!”

If you’re local, PLEASE go help my boss out (Alan@SoCalOfficiant.com) Thanks guys!

Find out more info and see his photo here: http://www.dlba.org/TakeaPhotoWinaniPad

Universal Studios, the Return Of King Kong

When I was young, I went to many many theme parks with my family. My grandpa loved our day trips. His favorite place to go was Universal Studios. He thought that place was absolutely fabulous! He got a kick out of everything. The tram tour, Jaws, the monsters who would mingle pre-tram, all of it. But most of all he loved that gigantic ape, King Kong. We’d go on the tram tour, and you could see him visibly perk up when he realized we were going in the King Kong ride. We’d leave the ride and he’d always say “No more monkey business!” LOL My grandpa passed away in 2000, but I never stopped loving that ride. So you can imagine our devastation when the fire hit the Universal Studios backlot in 2008, reducing many of our favorite sets to pure ash including King Kong. My mom and I vowed that as soon as King Kong opened, we’d be there opening day! Well, by some chance of luck, we were there on July 1 when King Kong opened once again.

The new attraction is essentially modeled after the new movie, so gone is all the fun and campy aspects of the ride. But this new attraction is thrilling, breathtaking, and absolutely takes your breath away! 4D ain’t no joke! As soon as you get a chance, get over to Universal Studios Hollywood to ride this attraction. You’ll be glad you did.

More photos after the jump!

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PHOTOS: 4th Of July Bike Parade

I decided to start my 4th of July off on a different note. I volunteered for the Great American 4th of July Bike Parade, sponsored by Justin Rudd, the C0mmunity Action Team, and Gazettes Newspaper. In addition to the parade and the Bike Decorating Contest, there was also a Patriotic Speech Contest, Patriotic Costume Contest, Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. I was working the raffle booth, and BOY were we busy! I honestly don’t know how much our booth made, but it was quite a bit.

Justin has been doing absolutely fabulous and inspiring things here in Long Beach. I urge everyone to check out his amazing work, even if you aren’t a Long Beach resident. It’s pretty darn inspiring 🙂

More photos after the jump!

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Need your help deciding on my #charity photo!

So I took a fellow Bloggy Mom’s advice (Jenn) and had Ryan take a few pictures of me at the wedding yesterday. They came out really well! But now I need your help in deciding which one I should use LOL Please leave a comment and let me know! It is VERY much appreciated!

PHOTOS: Tracy & Matt’s #wedding

Yesterday two of my oldest friends, Tracy and Matt, got married at Laguna Presbyterian Church. When I first received the invitation, my first thought was “finally!”. Tracy and Matt are a special kind of couple. They’ve been together over a decade, and it feels as though they’re already married. They really are a perfect fit for each other. So when I received the invitation, I knew there was no way I was missing their wedding!

As soon as we parked, I saw some of my old friends exiting a car: Christina, Suzanne, and Annie. We all squealed, screamed, jumped around 🙂 We all went into the church and caught up on our lives lately. It was so fantastic to be around old friends!

Tracy looked fantastic! She looked like a beautiful princess in a long flowing gown. When they finally kissed as husband and wife, the crowd cheered LOL From the church, it was on to French 75…

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